We celebrate the bigger picture

Because every event has a story

Nothing has existed before that is able to encapsulate every part of your journey telling the story from multiple angles and through a multitude of lenses. Until now.

Capture your unique story in the most unique manner.

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Unique Content

With an EventCapsule you receive your unique story, told your way from the day you begin the planning journey until after the main event.

Safe & Secure

Relax, knowing your memories are safely looked after on our secure servers. We will give you your own area of our site to store your digital content.

Screen Ready

An EventCapsule can be shared with anyone you want. It’ll be screen ready and optimised for all so everyone can get in on the bigger picture.


If tech is your thing, then our clever little ReelMash app can be easily installed on the mobile devices of all of your friends and family to give us access to all images. 

Step 1: Define your Story

Right at the beginning we will work with you to lay down a plan for your EventCapsule so we can ensure the right content is captured and shared from the get go.

Step 2: Define your Lenses

Who are your go-to directors and content collectors. Who will be the best sources of footage. Let’s Onboard them from the start to be part of the process.

Step 3: Tell the story

Get content collecting and sharing, every step of the way. The more material you send, the better your end product will be. We can use social media content as well as pics, vids and screenshots. And of course the live bits on the day.

 “In today’s age mobile usage and technology are rapidly changing the world of content development. Take that into an event of any scale and we see hundreds of pieces of content being created minute by minute and no way of bringing them all together as one, richer story. I created EventCapsule to not only enable people to save this content securely, but also to then be able to use it to create something truly unique for my clients.
Nick Richmond  EventCapsule powered by ReelMash
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“Why, why, why has this never been done before? We’re so stuck in the mould of videographers and photographers we have never stopped to see that the journey is so much more than the destination.”

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